Reindeer Brand Natural Menthol crystals B.P./U.S.P.

Product Name Reindeer Brand Natural Menthol crystals B.P./ U.S.P.
Characteristics Colourless, prismatic or acicular, shiny crystals, odour, strong & characteristic
Chemical Name (IR, 2S, 5R) - 2 - isopropyl - 5 - methyl cyclohexanol
Acidity / Alkalinity Complies with B.P./U.S.P
Optical Rotation -48o to -51o
Melting Point Between 41o and 44o
Chemical Constituents Levo Menthol (>99%)
Residue on evaporation Less than 0.05%
Packing 25 Kg fibre drums
Storage Levomenthol should be kept in a well-closed container and stored in a cool place.
Aplications Confectionery *Mouth freshners *Chocolates *Chewing Gums *Cough Drops *Analgesic Balms *Inhalers *Tobacco Products *Medicated Oils *Toothpaste *Cosmetics

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