Peppermint Oil

Product Name Peppermint Oil (Piperita)
Characteristics A Colourless, pale yellow or pale greenish yellow liquid, odour, characteristic, taste characteristic followed by a sensation of cold.
Acidity Neutral
Optical Rotation -10o to -30o
Refractive Index 1.457 to 1.467
Solubility in Ethanol Soluble in 70% ethanol
Relative density 0.900 to 0.916
Chemical Constituents Menthone : 15 to 32%
Esters (Menthyl Acetate) : 3 to 10%
Menthol : 30.0 to 55.0%
Packaging 180 Kg. in galvanised iron drums
Storage Store in a well-filled, air tight container, protected from heat & light.
Aplications Confectionery *Mouth freshners *Chocolates *Chewing Gums *Cough Drops *Analgesic Balms *Inhalers *Tobacco Products *Medicated Oils *Toothpaste *Cosmetics

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